Cake Calculators now available on tablet devices

Release : Version – 1.5

Welcome, to our first ever release notes (summary of what changes have been made in the current release of our website)

Yes, we did a release. This was a small, yet a significant release for us!

Since the day we launched Cake Sketcher back in Feb 2014, we received hundreds of emails requesting for an update to support tablet devices. Many users did not own a desktop, and many wanted to take cake calculators with them to cake consultations in a tablet device.

This was not possible back then, as the tech we use to display Cake Sketch and 3D cake was not supported by tablet devices and certain browsers. But our team was on a mission to make this possible and in this release, we did that!! is now supported by Mac, PC and Tablet devices. It was challenging, but we got there.

You can thanks us later, for now, visit on your tablet device (if you have one) and let us know what you think. Get ready to take Cake Sketcher & other calculators with you in your cake consultations!!

Cake Calculators at

Read below what all we did in this release:
Bugs fixes
  • Fixed printing error in Cake Sketcher for Windows 10.
New features
  •  Cake Calculators including Cake Sketcher now support Tablet devices – iPad, Samsung, Windows and Kindle.
  • They also work on all browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and Microsoft Edge. We recommend using the latest version of these browsers as few old browsers still don’t support the tech we are using.
  • New simpler email communications upon registration.
  • Tested and updated code for all browsers related to preview and printing of Cake Sketch.
  • Added icons for all calculators to help convey calculator names quickly on tablets.
  • Updated coming soon sections to we are in BETA.
  • Added an early access coupon code request to view the remaining sections of the website before official release.
  • Updated home page text to match on this version and added Peggy’s excellent review of Cake Sketcher.
  • Last but not the least, updated footer with new social media icons, added Instagram. Yes, we finally landed on Instagram.
Coming Up
  • Hundreds of bakers across the world are currently testing the remaining parts of the software. If you applied to be beta tester, we have your details. Look out for our email coming to you. Being a small team, we can only handle and listen to few users at a time. You are in the queue, and we will contact you shortly.
  • Sneak peek preview of these sections will go live soon.
  • Lots of new informative blog posts in the queue.
  • And, “You know you are a cake decorator” – Part 2 coming soon.
This is what we have been up to, hiding in our cave in London!! Time to get some Sun, hopefully 🙂

Hope you all have a hot oven and a thriving business, wherever you are.

Until next time
Sugar hugs