You know you are a Cake Decorator when..

Do you live in your own world of sugar and edible art? Then you are not alone. There are many like you, and there is definitely hope for us all!

You know you are a cake decorator when

Did you relate to any of these! What are your signs that make you go – Yes, I am a Cake Decorator. Let us know in the comments below.

  • Donna

    How true are these 10………..I can relate to every single one plus some probably….in fact I am in the middle of doing a 3 tier with all the flair including an isomalt embellishment, wafer paper flowers along with 2 liqueur infused large cheesecakes….the best part….. I am down with an abcessed tooth which I feel like my ear & head is going to fall off! All in all the show must go on & Yes I am a Cake Decorator……insane as it is at times I wouldn’t change it for the world…

  • Christina Ho

    I definitely agree!!! 🙂 Hahahaha

  • ChocolateDiva

    Love them all…but I am sooooooooo No. 4, 5, and 8!

  • Colleen Charles

    When I buy a case of butter (Challenge Butter on sale + use the coupon on the inside of the package) and the looks I get at the checkout! lol

  • Karen Shiloh

    Ah yes, #10! It actually happened to me! I was placing the top tier (6″ round) onto the top of a wedding cake and having had only 2 hours of sleep, my hands were more jittery than I thought and I DROPPED the cake tier. I yelled my daughter’s name (who was supposed to be helping me at the time, but was in the other room) it was half crying for help and half accusatory (it was HER fault…she was supposed to be helping me, LOL) as I watched helplessly as the cake toppled down the side of the other 3 stacked tiers onto the table cloth. One side of the cake was ruined, but not hopelessly. I had the wisdom, insight, and experience to bring with me all the extra frosting and tips we had used. So, my daughter repaired the sides of the cake while I scraped off the icing off the top tier and gave it a new, fresh coat of clean icing. My daughter finished all the detail striping of the top tier (my hands were too unstable and she insisted) and we put the cake back together. No one ever suspected. The cake was gorgeous. But, this IS the stuff nightmares are made of!